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Credit Card
How it works?

The Diocese of Hamilton has partnered with Canada Helps, a not-for-profit organization that assists charitable organizations with the processing of financial donations.

  • Parishioners can donate directly to Immaculate Conception Parish, Formosa, or Sacred Heart, Teeswater
  • Parishioners can also donate on a monthly program also using this same method.

Is this safe?

This is the safest and most direct method of payment. Canada Helps provides a safe and secure infrastructure for processing payments.

Please click here to learn about Canada Helps security compliance statement.

Can I setup a scheduled monthly donation?

Yes by using the links below to Canada Helps, one can setup a monthly donation.

What are the benefits?
  • In an increasingly cashless society, this option provides an easy and safe method of payment.
  • Regular monthly payments can be scheduled.
  • Payments flow directly to the parish and relieves administrative overhead for parish staff.
  • Credit Cards with points or bonus products associated with their card can still receive and build these benefits.

Cheque or Cash

Cheque and Cash are welcome. We would ask you to register with the Parish if you don’t already have offertory envelopes. This ensures you receive a tax receipt at the end of each year.

Empty/ unassigned offertory envelope boxes are always located at the back of every church and available at the parish office. Just write down your contact information on the envelopes to receive a tax-receipt. It’s that easy!