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One Heart, One Soul FAQs

Will the hall cost $500,000?

The hall will be built and sized according to the funds received. There are currently no dimensions stated anywhere on the project case statement. This figure is incorrect.

The campaign amount of $250,100 over three years is seen as achievable, meets our obligations to the Diocese, and qualifies our parish for additional funding.

Parishioners wishing for a larger amount are welcome to donate more.

Can I give more than the amount stated on the letter – does that stay in the parish?

Parishioners wishing to donate more than the amount requested in their letter are welcome to do so. The additional amount stays in the parish. The amount requested amount of $6,100 by the diocese does not change.

Why have I been asked to give this amount?

The gift amount stated in your letter from Bishop Crosby and Father Anderson is a suggestion only. The more parishioners participating in the project, the more successful it will be.

Why can’t I just give to the building fund?

Immaculate Conception Church is considered a “parish in need”. Our weekly offertory barely covers the operational needs of the parish. The funds held in trust by the Diocese, just covers the insurance for the building.

The Immaculate Conception Parish is a parish in need.

The “One Heart, One Soul” campaign is designed to help parishes in need and we stand to gain an additional $42,000. For every dollar donated, the project receives a $1.10 back.

What happens if we don’t reach our goal?

The parish looses the opportunity to gain $42,000 from the diocese in funds towards the project.

The project will still move forward because eventually the existing hall will require maintenance beyond the value of the building. By not reaching our campaign goal, these lost funds will need to be fund raised at a later time from the parish.

How much money goes to the Diocese?

If Immaculate Conception Parish opted to not participate in the capital campaign, it would still be responsible for paying $6,100 and no funds would flow back to the parish.

Upon reaching our fundraising goal of $250,100 the amount we contribute to the Shared Ministries is 2.4% or ($6,100). Any amount raised over our goal is retained 100% toward our project and no further amount is donated to Shared Ministries.

Because Immaculate Conception Parish has been identified as a parish in need, we receive $42,000 back effectively cancelling out any money donated towards the Shared Ministries.

Why don’t we use the funds held by the Diocese?

We are blessed to have funds held in trust by the Diocese. Currently, the interest from these funds covers some of the operational costs of the church. The weekly offertory does not cover the operational needs of the parish.

What do we need a hall for?

The present Parish hall is inadequate in size and usage, as well as uneconomical and structurally outdated. The campaign was the perfect opportunity to raise the funds needed to replace the current Parish hall with a comfortable and functional space to enrich Parish life.

The hall has the potential to host current and future events such as:

• Church meetings
• Parish BBQs
• Coffee socials
• Church ministry events
• Sacramental preparation
• Bible studies
• Vocational Bible School for children
• Men’s/Women’s retreats
• And much more…

Who agreed to the project?

A call for suggestions for the capital campaign had been made in the bulletin over the past two years. Two projects came from this request. The first was to build a sheltered gazebo to provide a covered gathering space for parish BBQ’s. The second was to expand the existing hall or build a new parish hall.

Parish Council chose the option to build a new hall because it achieves the three objects of keeping a parish hall, providing a meeting place during the winter months; while, also providing a sheltered gathering area during the summer months.

Parish Council is charged with the task of growing the parish in faith and in faithful. The goal of the council and the campaign is not to maintain buildings but to grow the parish to ensure it will serve another generation. A new parish hall is a vehicle to help the parish grow.

Why a new hall?

The existing hall has already been modified from a horse stall into an enclosed building. Overall, the cost of renovating and expanding the existing building is complicated and costly.

It is more cost effective to build and maintain a new modern building.

Why no kitchen?

The primary reason is cost. The cost of building and maintaining a kitchen is high it adds a significant cost to the project and to maintaining the building going forward.

Formosa already has a vibrant and well loved Community Centre equipped with a full kitchen. As Catholics, we also blessed to have the Knights of Columbus Hall – a facility equipped with a full commercial kitchen and capable of accommodating large gatherings.

We simply need a warm, easy to maintain space to meet, share, and to learn.

How big is the hall?

There are no dimensions on the hall concept included in the campaign packet.

The diagram is conceptual to permit the parish to visualize the project.

The ideal hall size for our parish is in and around 100 occupants. Presently the parish hall only holds up to 20 snugly.

Is the campaign amount enough?

The campaign amount was arrived at post-pandemic and building costs have increased significantly since that time. The goal of the campaign will not cover the cost of the hall but the campaign will provide an additional $42,700 on-top of the monies raised.

The main goal of the One Heart, One Soul campaign is to help parishes achieve their long awaited projects. It is also targeted towards parishes like Formosa that is considered to be in need. As such, it offers the additional incentive of $42,700 should our parish achieve our goal.

One Heart, One Soul – Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions received over the past weeks regarding the capital campaign for Immaculate Conception’s goal to build a new parish hall.