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Parish Registration

Welcome to Immaculate Conception Parish and to the community. The Immaculate Conception Parish cares for three church communities: Immaculate Conception Church in Formosa, Sacred Heart Church in Teeswater, and St. Anne’s Church in Riversdale. St. Anne’s is a seasonal community that opens during the summer.

What are the benefits of registering?

Tax Purposes

The primary reason for registering with the parish is for tax purposes. Offertory gifts are recorded and at the end of each year the Diocese of Hamilton will mail a charitable tax receipt to registered parishioners to help offset any income tax.


It is considered courtesy, when moving into the parish, to register. This helps with parish planning and forecasting growth. It also provides an opportunity to meet the Parish Priest. This would also apply to faithful attending mass regularly as a Parish of Practice. This means one may physically live within the physical boundaries of a parish but attend another parish.


Registering also helps to ease forecasting, capacity planning, and registering of children for the sacraments.

What are the Parish Boundaries?


Northern Boundary:Highway 9 from Greenock sideroad 5 to Bruce Rd. 3
Eastern Boundary:Bruce Rd. 3 South from Hwy 9 to Carrick B-Line, then B-Line South to Huron Bruce Rd.
Southern Boundary:Huron Bruce Rd. East from Culross Sideroad 5A to Carrick B-Line
Western Boundary:South on Greenock Sideroad 5, then 5B then 5A to Huron-Bruce Rd.


Sacred Heart, Teeswater
St. Anne’s, Riversdale

Chaplaincy Service

Walkerton Hospital
Brucelea Haven Nursing Home (Shared Chaplancy with area parishes)