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Examination of Conscience

An Examination of Conscience is a very old tool which the Church has given us to evaluate our relationship with God. It is meant to highlight the good that we do each day and to draw attention to the areas in our lives where we are missing the mark. As you pray this Examination of Conscience, pay close attention to the movements of your heart. You may find yourself being encouraged to reconciliation as God may use this to draw you closer to Him.

(Please spend a few moments with each statement; there is no rush to get through it. If something sticks out feel free to sit with it in prayer for as long as you need. God may be giving you consolation. He may be calling you to conversion)

Please say aloud or silently:

 + In the name of the Father, and of Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

My God, I come before You as Your Daughter/Son seeking a right relationship with You. I desire at all times to do Your Will in my life. Help me to see myself as You see me, help me to feel Your love. Grant me insight into those parts of my life which I have not given to You. Call me to repentance and conversion.

Love of God

My God I love You with all my heart, all my strength, and my entire mind.

I honour You in thought, word, and deed.

There is no room in my heart for any other god(s) but You.

When I speak Your name it is to honour You.

I pray to You often.

I attend Mass on Sundays to give You thanks and support my Parish Family.

At Mass I am attentive to my part, participating in this great gift, to the fullness of my ability.

Love of Others

In thankfulness for the great love You have shown me I am inspired to share love with others.

I consider others before myself.

I seek to be a good witness to Your love by all of what I say and do.

I look to help those in need: to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, to welcome the stranger.

I give freely from the time, talents, and treasures You have given me.

I always give others what is rightfully theirs.

I honour my parents and show love for my siblings (spouse, children, friends, co-workers, and enemies)

I am not violent, nor do I harbour malicious intent for those who wrong me.

I am not vengeful

I am chaste

I do not steal

I am not jealous of the relationships or possessions of others.

I am content with what I have and seek no more.

I do not gossip or slander others.

I always speak the truth.

Lord help me to know the truth about my-self, so that I may always walk as Your true son/daughter.